How The Muncy System is Engineered & Designed

Muncy Guitars™ are a product of advanced technology. Anodized Aluminum
frets are durable as are the anodized monolithic fingerboard. So you never
need to replace them.

The process is hard coat anodizing; the playing surface is transformed
industrially to aluminum oxide. Muncy Guitars™ have the surface
hardness of a ruby or a sapphire gemstone.

Here are some of the Muncy Systems Specifications.

Absolute 12-Tone Equal Tempered Intonated Fingerboard
1.625” NUT Width
Schaller Tuners
25.5 Scale Neck No Truss Rod
22 Frets
Exotic Wood Body, Domestic Wood Body
Custom Hand Finished with Tung Oil
EMG Humbucker ( Neck )
EMG Humbucker ( Bridge )
Master Volume ( Sealed Mil. SPEC. )
Master Tone ( Sealed Mil. SPEC. )
5 Way Rotary Switch

Other tuners, pickups, switch configurations and finishes are
available on a special order basis.